Privacy Policy

We, at Infinite Expeditions Pvt Ltd., respect your privacy and confidentiality. We acknowledge that there’s a need for the protection of your personally identifiable information. Personally identifiable information includes any pieces of information that make you identified, e.g., your name, address, and contact number. We fully assure you that any such information is completely safe and confidential with us.

We take up necessary measures and obey appropriate standards and regulations for protecting your privacy on our websites. We would also like to mention that certain web pages of ours use “cookies”. Cookies are used in order to provide you with customized information when you come back to the web page. This helps us in serving you better. Cookies act as identifiers that send your logs to the browser so when you return back to the same site, your search results are personalized.

You can customize your browser to send you a notification when a cookie is sent to you. This gives you the choice to decide whether you wish to accept it or not. The collected information is analysed and further used for making our services better.

We usually collect your information that comprises your name, addresses, or contact number. It is our duty to inform you that what we do with your personal information. Also, it is important to mention that you have the choice of not providing us with the information and, “opt-out” in the future if you are not interested anymore. Even if you decide not to provide the information, you can still surf our website, ‘’, but it’s possible that you might not be able to access some of the options, offers, and services.

Infinite Expeditions Pvt Ltd., assure you that we won’t disclose, sell, or trade any of your information to the third parties without taking the user or customer’s consent (except as required by search warrant, summons, or any other legal process or in case of any imminent physical harm to our user or others). Infinite Expeditions Pvt Ltd. permits suppliers to have access to certain information for confirming your registration and entitling you to all the benefits you are eligible for.

Infinite Expeditions Pvt Ltd. will take all the necessary steps to ensure the protection of your shared information with us. We have employed and implemented advanced security features and technology under strict policy guidelines to preserve the privacy of any personally identifiable information from unauthorized access, misuse, or disclosure. Infinite Expeditions Pvt Ltd. will persist to boost all the security procedures as and when newer technologies are introduced.

Making online transactions through our payment Gateway System with a credit card is really safe. It’s even safer than using a credit card at a Gass Station. We do not retain any of your card information. We make sure that your online experience is smooth, safe, secure, and completely private. We promise and assure you that we follow the highest security protocols and norms currently available on the internet. This allows all the payment authority with your bank only. The bank directly authorizes the card transactions without fleeting any information through us.

If we change or amend any of our privacy policies, it will be updated here and a brand-new effective date will be revealed. We recommend you keep checking up on our latest privacy policy updates to have a clear understanding of our current policies. Kindly refer to the privacy policy mentioned in your subject line. Infinite Expeditions Pvt Ltd. will try to respond to all of your reasonable apprehensions, concerns, or queries within couple of business days of receipt.

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