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It is often said, India is not a country but a continent. Stretching from the mighty snow clad Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, its expansive borders features an incomparable array of cultures, landscapes and people. Take a leisurely stroll in the streets of an Indian city and you’ll rub your shoulders with representatives of multitude of castes & outcastes, much sorted great faiths, turbaned Punjabis, dark-skinned south Indians and fair skinned people. The land of fairs and festival enchants visitor with colourful culture, places of historic interest reflecting heritage of the nation, diverse demographies. Exploring the land of diversities at one go is next to impossible.


Plunging valleys, jittery wildlife, gushing rivers and haughty mountains make for enough action to put North India on top of your priority list for the places to visit in India. While the Himalayas and the Indo-Gangetic plains separate India from Tibet and Central Asia, the historical monuments, desert life and royalty add to the charm of Rajasthan. From the formidable forts and regal palaces of Rajasthan, to the morning boat ride on River Ganges to the untouched heritage and wildlife of Madhya Pradesh will leave you spellbound. Planning a romantic sojourn or an adventurous getaway or a spiritual retreat or a wildlife experience? We are here to design the itinerary of your dreams. Select one of our suggested tours to North India and we will offer you a customised trip to North India.


The sun kissed, blissful abode of South India needs no introduction. It’s probably the most ancient of all lands and the heart of native India and its values. The land is blessed with some of the magnificent gits of nature. Kerala- the God’s own country is famous across the world for its romantic backwaters, sinuous lagoons, palm-lined beaches, Ayurvedic spas and tea plantations stretching out to the horizon, is the epitome of beauty. Karnataka is a behemoth of heritage, while Tamil Nadu is the cultural headquarters of South India. Experience some deep sea diving and snorkelling in the waters off the coast of Andaman. Whether a family trip or a romantic escapade, to the magnificent region of South India, we will make sure to make it a memoir of lifetime.


The picturesque vista of the landscapes of West India is offered by the awe-inspiring festoon of highlands, the plains and the villages, The one who has never witnessed the dazzling sunsets and has only weaved dreams or drawn paintings thinking about the dusks and dawns, West India is the place to be!! Western India consists of the states of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra, along with the Union territory of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli of India. Region is also famous for noteworthy heritage sites Ajanta and Ellora.

Shower yourself with never-seen-before experiences by planning your upcoming trip to West India. Whether it’s a trip with friends or an official visit, we will make a tailor made itinerary for the best experiences.


The eastern part of India comprises of the West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa. The elegant states of Assam and Orissa enhance its cultural and linguistic characteristics with its magnetic and mystical locales, cultural heritage, religious traditions, monuments and monasteries. The Cherrapunji, wettest place on the world welcomes you to the inherently beautiful East Indian States. The virgin contiguous Seven Sister States – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim are truly one of the best India travel experiences.

Grab the golden chance to meet the ever-friendly tribes or walk through the root bridges of East India. We are here to design the itinerary of your dreams. Select one of our suggested tours to East India and we will offer you a customised trip to East India.

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Tucked between India and Tibet, Nepal is the very watershed of Asia. Wedged between the high Himalaya and the steamy Indian plains, Nepal is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras: from jungly tiger habitat to the precipitous hunting grounds of the snow leopard. Climbing the hillside of one valley alone you can be sweltering in the shade of a banana palm in the morning, and sheltering from a snowstorm in the afternoon.

The hometown of Gautama Buddha is one of the most underrated places to visit abroad. Famous for its serene natural beauty to the warmth of its people, Nepal has a lot to offer for every kind of traveller. The flat lands of Terai jungle reserves is home to Asia’s most exotic wildlife and the world class white spring water rolling from great Himalayas is considered best for river rafting. The breathtaking views of the biodiversity which is here in Nepal has given the country a natural affluence that is hard to find in every other country

Kathmandu Valley also famously known as city of temples has shrines and other monuments packed into its art and crafts and its beautiful architecture. The year round celebrations mark numerous festivals which is the pride of the nation. The practices and beliefs of the diverse ethnic communities living in all places throughout the Kingdom have added extra colour and flavour to Nepal’s vibrant culture. So hurry!!

Wish to have a pupil dilating experiences in life, and then Nepal is the place to be. One of the most preferred destinations on the cards of the travellers who want to try some adventures coupled well with the unrivalled landscape beauty and ancient architecture. It also houses an array of some exhilarating treks which will fill you with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm at the same time. So hurry!! Scroll down to our “tours” page and select your favourite package or contact us directly for a customized tour to Nepal.

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Tucked away in the Himalayas, Bhutan has been shrouded in mystery and folklore for the longest time. A nation where success is measured in Gross National Happiness and where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments, Bhutan offers the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas, peaceful Buddhist monasteries and fun loving people.

Do not forget to carry your backpack, camera to capture all the amazing things to do in Bhutan and keep them as memories. It’s a suggestion, if you have a desire to explore the cultural and historic importance of Bhutan, plan take a tour from Paro. Make your trip adventurous by going in for a rock climbing expedition of Vertical Bhutan where people are enthusiastic to climb ‘The Nose’ which is located in the south west part of Thimphu. But if, sports is what excites you then it is best to be a part of Royal Thimphu Golf Club which is elegantly situated above Trashi Chhoe Dzong.

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Sri Lanka has seduced travellers for centuries. Marco Polo described it as the finest island of its size in the world.  Poised just above the Equator amid the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean, the island’s legendary reputation for natural beauty and plenty has inspired an almost magical regard even in those who have never visited the place. Often overlooked, India’s neighbour to the south, the small island nation of Sri Lanka is an amazing holiday destination that has plenty to offer visitors. From the inviting beaches of Bentota to the rolling green hills of Nuwara Eliya; from the Buddhist stupas in Kandy to the historical monuments in Colombo, Sri Lanka is truly resplendent in every way. As the sun rises over the blue waters off the southern coast of Sri Lanka, the largest mammal on earth breaks the surface. Sri Lanka is a land where not one but two monsoons mark time each year.

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Welcome to the Maldives, where sands are as white as the smiles of the locals, where weather is a dream, where fish happily swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the deep rays of the sun wait to embrace you in its arms. Once in the haven of Maldives, there are infinite things to check off your to-dos. Charmingly located between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, this island-country boasts of having more sea than land. The crystalline waters off the coast of Maldives deem it perfect for a host of water-related activities. If you are a water sport enthusiast then Maldives has in store for you many water sports ranging from snorkelling, parasailing, fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, kite surfing and similar.

On your honeymoon? You probably want to do nothing but take in all the sights and sounds. For you, there are supposed to be more 100 beach resorts to unwind and rejuvenate your senses, and that too, privately!